The SPOT P6.0 Schedule is as follows:

June 2019

BOT approves P6.0 Criteria & Weights

October 2019

SPOT On!ine opens for testing, entering, and submitting projects

October 25, 2019

Carryover Project Deletions due for receiving extra submittals (one out, one in)

Carryover Project Modifications due

December 20, 2019

SPOT On!ine closes for submitting projects

End of July 2020

Quantitative scores for all projects released

Draft list of Programmed Statewide Mobility projects released

August 3, 2020

Regional Impact Local Input Point window opens for 3 months (closes Oct. 30)

Deadline for Approval of Local Input Point Assignment Methodologies

End of November 2020

Draft list of Programmed Regional Impact Projects released

November 30, 2020

Division Needs Local Input Point window opens for 2 months (closes Jan. 29)

April 2021

DRAFT  2022-2031 STIP released