The Burlington-Graham Metropolitan Planning Organization (BGMPO) is studying ways to improve transit operations throughout the region that includes all of Alamance County and portions of Guilford and Orange Counties (insert BGMPO Boundary Map).  As part of the planning process, BGMPO sought community input from key stakeholders and the public on challenges using existing local and express transit service and priorities for future improvements through surveys and community meetings.  The resulting Existing Conditions report sets the stage for developing a data-driven approach to service and funding recommendations for the final report.

This Existing Conditions Report is the first major step in the development of the Regional Transit Feasibility Study. The Existing Conditions report analyzes and summarizes demographic, commuting trends, transit ridership trends, equity, governance, funding and other existing conditions with the goal of helping the community understand the issues and opportunities of our regional transit systems. This analysis will be used to support the planning and community engagement process conducted during development of the Regional Transit Feasibility Study.

Existing Condition Report