Mapping & GIS

A geographic information system (GIS) is a structural framework for collecting, managing and analyzing data through a spatial lens. GIS tools and procedures can be used to identify problems and trends, monitor change, forecast future conditions and establish system priorities.  

The Burlington-Graham MPO proactively uses GIS hardware and procedures to support the programs and projects of the MPO. The BGMPO maintains an interactive map of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) that was created during development of the 2045 MTP. We maintain a database of TIP and MTP projects that is updated on a regular basis to reflect amendments and other changes. The BGMPO is also working towards development of an MPO-wide repository for GIS datasets that can be a resource to the MPO, strategic partners and the public. While some of these datasets are developed by the MPO, the majority are aggregated from regional and state partners.