The NCHRP Project 08-135 team is kindly asking for your help with this research survey about cycling on rural highways. The data that you share will be useful in understanding the drives and constraints on rural cycling for different user types. The results will indicate which variables are more relevant to users to cycle (or not) on rural highways. Survey results will be used to recommend future research on how to improve and/or revise existing Highway Capacity Manual bicycle evaluation and/or Green Book design guidance to accommodate users’ revealed preferences. Click here for more info.

The survey includes questions about:

  • Your personal characteristics.
  • Your cycling experience.
  • Choice tasks to select which one of the four hypothetical scenarios would you prefer to cycle at, if any.
  • Ranking elements according to how important they are while riding your bike.

If you are a U.S. resident, and 18 or older, please take some time to participate in this survey. For this survey, respondents do not require any kind of previous/current experience in bicycle facilities. This survey is anticipated to take 15-minutes to complete – your input is important for conducting this research.

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