Public Involvement Plan

The Public Involvement Plan is a policy document encompassing public engagement processes and procedures for all BGMPO plans and programs. Its purpose is to create an open and transparent process that provides the general public the opportunity to be meaningfully engaged in transportation decision-making processes. The BGMPO Public Involvement Plan was adopted in 2015 and amended in 2020. It has the following objectives: 

  1. Engage a broad cross-section of the public in the transportation planning decision-making processes of the BGMPO. 

  2. Enhance the public's knowledge of the BGMPO multimodal transportation system, costs and funding. 

  3. Evaluate the BGMPO's public involvement procedures and its effectiveness for increasing public engagement and access to relevant information. 

  4. Coordinate with the statewide transportation planning public involvement and consultantion processes. 

  5. Periodically reviewing the effectiveness of the procedures and strategies contained in the participation plan to ensure a full and open participation process.